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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Scars of Mirrodin: The Quest for Karn - Chapter 12

No taking another left turn again this time. The story continues to move on at a fast pace. Maybe even a little bit too fast. When last we left, a girl was screaming inside the shelter where Elspeth and Melira were taken to rest. We get going immediately and just keep on running.

Scars of Mirrodin: The Quest for Karn - Chapter 12

A girl screams out of joy and not terror or pain and runs out of the test. She lifts up her arms for all to see, and where the dark splotches of phyresis once were, only newly healed skin remained. Venser and Koth are amazed and go in to see the girls to ask what happens. Melira did it. She has the ability to cure the Phyrexian plague.

When her and Venser teleported up into the blinkmoths, they both were changed. Venser's condition was amplified for the worse but Melira's natural resistance to phyresis has now manifested itself into a magical ability. This news is beyond wonderful and every single person in the encampment lines up outside, and Melira happily uses every single waking moment to cure everyone that approaches. It doesn't go quickly as the spell takes a lot of energy and she is still recovering from the gash in her back that was there when they found her. In fact, Melira is missing a couple organs from when the Phyrexians experimented on her, but you know... we all have plenty of organs in us so no big deal.

The news is so wonderous in fact, that the previously despised Koth is now welcomed home with open arms by all, as well as Venser and Elspeth. It's clear now why Tezzeret referred to her as a gift, and they were the ones that brought this precious gift of a girl and renewed hope in all.

Although this news isn't exactly the best news ever for one black-hearted elf Ezuri. He doesn't like very much all the attention that's not being placed on himself. In fact he suggests that maybe they can bottle this cure and he can be the one to organize the distribution to the other Mirran camps. (Ewww... Melira extract.) But of course that's nonsense.

It's at this moment that our heroes are at a crossroads. And Ezuri wants to know which roads they'll be taking.

Venser is quick to say that he has to keep on the search for Karn and Ezuri's immediate response is to ask if "the amazing creature" will be going with him since she's close to being healed. Although Venser was rude enough to never care to ask for her name, at least he thinks of her as an individual and replies that it'll be up to her where she wants to go once she's done healing up. (Which is soon.) Ezuri is incensed, and tries to shame Venser for his ridiculous idea of taking the girl with him in some crazy search for a golem. This puts Ezuri on the "To be suspicious of" list, as Venser doesn't recall ever telling Ezuri his friend was a golem. When questioned, he plays it off by saying that he has had reports of ... uhh... a scout... yeah. A scout heard some Phyrexians say stuff. You know. "The golem cannot be trusted." But Ezuri can't be sure who reported that because the scout was immediately killed. That of course makes Venser more suspicious as to how he is able to hear what his scouts hear, and Ezuri basically says, "That's for me to know and you to find out," then immediately deflects and says, "So, it's settled that the Melira will stay here when you leave" and covers his ears and walks away before Venser can reply.

(What a nice guy to ask about them. That Ezuri is full of good intentions.)

Some days later, Ezuri makes a big and bold speech in front of the camp. It's great that a miracle was brought to them, but their heroes no longer feel welcomed and want to leave the good folks of Camp Ezuri the Easygoing. The crowd cheers and cry out "Awww!!" appropriately. But if the outlander and the white warrior must leave, surely Melira wants to stay with them. Koth takes the bait and cries out agreement, and announces he will be staying with his people, the Mirrans. Ezuri wishes the heroes well, but also warns caution because it is their fault the Phyrexians have invaded the surface.

Rather than anger at the ridiculous statement, or how this elf is trying to manipulate everyone back to his side and away from the planeswalkers, Venser instead feels admiration and thinks.

This one will go far in positions of leadership.

Right at that moment, Phyrexians invade the camp. Not the Phyrexians of the furnace layer, but chrome Phyrexians. The kind that followed Tezzeret's orders (and were on loan to him by Glissa). There are too many and everyone is forced to flee. Welcomed back to his home, Koth is ready to take charge and help lead the Mirrans, but Ezuri takes that away and accuses the trio of luring the hostile Phyrexians into their home and calls Koth a traitor straight out. Koth attacks and Ezuri sidesteps and smacks him in the back of his head. To all the witnesses Ezuri declares that Koth is forever banished from their camp, and they all retreat. Melira remains loyal to her rescuers though, and knows that Venser wants her to use her healing magic on Karn when they find him. If they find him. (Of course they find him.)

In the chaos, a hooded figure calls out to the four, and says he will serve as their guide. After much suspicious talk, he reveals that he has been cured of phyresis by Melira, and they can plainly see that he was probably the closest to becoming full Phyrexian of those that were cured. He has to admit that he was spying on the camp for the Phyrexians but now that he's cured he feels he has to make things right. The trio have a long conversation about whether or not they can trust him.

"But you are a fool," Koth said [to Elspeth]. "You trust too easily and see everything as good and bad."

That coming from the man who instantly went along with anything that Tezzeret had to say despite Tezzeret actually having Phyrexians at his command. The rest of the conversation is equally ridiculous in that light, and eventually they decide they think he's still working for the enemy but he won't be their enemy unless he knows that they know. Otherwise if he doesn't know they know, then they can try to learn everything he knows without him knowing it.

* * *

Ezuri, the Cliche

This Ezuri in the book is definitely Green/Black. How much should I say? His dialogue is too obvious, and it makes anyone who admires his skill at politicking and anyone who can't see through it seem pretty stupid in comparison... which means our heroes. Wintermute was able to make Tezzeret's dialogue cryptic and make his character at least seem competent but falls flat in the same attempt with the elf.


This is a plot point that could absolutely have been interesting and I would have loved to have seen this spaced out and developed more... if the prose was better. But considering my opinion of that, it's probably better that our heroes just keep on moving forward in their quest.

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