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Friday, May 13, 2011

M:TG.COM - A Legendary Disagreement

05-13-11 - Development's View on Legendary Cards - Latest Developments - Tom LaPille

A counterargument to Mark Rosewater's Monday article regarding the legendary rule.

I knew there was something that didn't feel quite right about Maro's article. Although this article doesn't directly address why there might be reasons that the Legendary rule could be improved, LaPille lays out plenty of reasons why the rule is pretty fantastic as is. I think a fantastic point brought up was that the rules matches the Planeswalker rule. It seems like any rules changes to Legendary would want to be applied to Planeswalkers as well to keep the mirrored effect and the rules complexity down.

I also didn't really like Maro's argument that the legendary cards remove player interaction. Removal is a type of interaction. Some cards like land destruction and countering have been produced at lower quantities and/or power levels but they're still around, so obviously there is a need for some type of this "non-interaction".

It is hard to make an argument sometimes saying how things can be better, rather than why things are bad, but love the current Legendary rule. The implied flavor and power increase are fantastic upsides to this all downside mechanic.

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