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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

M:TG.COM - The Grand Mana Tour

05-25-11 - Mana Sources In Seattle and Kiora Planeswalker - Mana Week - Doug Beyer

A picture scavenger hunt for examples of real life locales of the five Basic Lands around Seattle with small snippets about how and why each represent the concepts and flavor that they do. Then we close off topic with a picture of our newest planeswalker, the blue/green aligned Kiora Atua!


This certainly wasn't what I was expecting for a Mana Week article, but it was pretty fun. There really is only so much you can cover about the flavor of mana that's actually new information.  I especially liked the metaphor for the unchanging plains representing uniformity. Each blade of grass is unique, but all are a part of a larger whole.


Kiora Atua - Illustration by Scott M. Fischer

Merfolk? Check! Blue Green? Check! Did I ever tell you that the Tropical island and Lord of Atlantis were in my first Revised Starter? Well I did now. Kiora was made for me. Hurry up and release her card Wizards. I need multiple playsets!

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