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Thursday, May 19, 2011

M:TG.COM - Dark Discoveries, Part III

05-19-11 - Webcomic - Dark Discoveries, Part 3 - Feature Article

The final installment to Dark Discoveries, and the best of the webcomics they've done so far. Tezzeret makes it to Mirrodin and makes first contact with the Phyrexians.

Part 1 was had a humerous touch to it, but felt just slightly too cramped, and certainly the art wasn't as good as the art in this one. The second was full of contradictions and didn't feel like it was part of this trilogy at all, but in isolation it was written well, and paced well, and had excellent art. This takes the best of both. It's written well, great moment to capture, paced well, interesting character, excellent art. This comic is the full package.

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