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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

M:TG.COM - A Planeswalker's Guide to New Phyrexia, Part 2

04-13-11 - Planeswalker's Guide - New Phyrexia - Part 2 - Savor the Flavor - Magic Creative Team

For this second part of the Planeswalker's Guide, we're told everything it is to be a good ol' black Phyrexian.

I thought it would hard to match the flavor of the new Phyrexians when we were shown how a segment of them has adopted a white philosophy. I was wrong. Reading up on what it means to have stayed true to their original color is just as compelling.

I love how we are shown how the black faction is the exact opposite of white. White had three religions but one leader. Black has seven Phyrexians all scheming to come out on top. Nice and simple thirst for power and evil. That's Phyrexia pure.

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