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Monday, April 25, 2011

M:TG.COM - The Golem's Legacy

04-25-11 - Karn - The Future, Present, Past, and Planeswalker Card - PREVIEWS - New Phyrexia Week 1 - Feature Article - Doug Beyer

Karn's new planeswalker card, and the story of the character.

I hate the decision that Karn is freed. Not the idea that he won't eventually be freed, but the idea that he's freed now. I wanted Karn to become the Father of Machines. And not only that, but this article gives away the ending to the book, and now the suspense will be taken away. (Ok, it's not the article's fault, but the very existence of the card itself.)

How much cooler would a "Karn, Father of Machines" card have been? How much more guilt and pain would Karn have to fight within himself if he actually succumbed to Phyrexia for a couple years before being freed eventually? How much better would the ending to the Quest for Karn have been if at the end of the Quest they find him, and have to fight him, and at the very end they're chased away but get clues on how to free him from the mental bonds of Phyrexia.

Oh well. It's a good article and a fun card despite the wrong decision.

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