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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ravnica: City of Guilds - Chapter 6

Enter the Golgari.

* * *

Below the surface an old centaur runs down dark paths.  Not a smart thing to do.  He's being hunted and he knows it (likely because of the arrows sticking out of him).  As he loses strength, an elf drops from above, landing on the centaur's back and strangles him til he can run no more.

Huntmaster Jarad waits until the ghost of the centaur emerges from the body, and commands two elves who were standing by to make their move, and change the ghost into necroplasm, and then use that energy to animate the centaur into the new and improved zombie centaur, which has no choice but to follow the commands of its new master.

Two more elves appear, and together they hunt bigger prey, using the zombie as poison bait.  Five elves, poison arrows, and poison bait are enough to take down a leviathan of a slug, which is the biggest kill in several decades.  Two of the five elves challenge his authority when he dismisses them, because they're favorites of the Golgari high priestess/necromancer, Savra.  Before a true argument and challenge can erupt, Savra herself makes an appearance.

She tries to banter with Jarad, who it turns out is her brother, but he'll have none of it.  She then claims to have a job for him that she thinks he'll like, and like it he does.

* * *

Alright.  We have our first close up look at the Golgari.  And that look has shown us many sides.  The Golgari are divided into elves and non-elves, and there is a brother and sister pair who aren't the closest of siblings that are huntmaster and Matka respectively.  The arrogance of Savra and obvious power scream importance.  And of course Savra's card itself shows that she's more than just the matka.

Wee! I love a good power struggle.

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