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Friday, March 25, 2011

Ravnica: City of Guilds - Chapter 3

This chapter was a bit long winded.  But it's only Chapter 3, exposition and world building are to be expected.

* * *

Kos is drunk in bar, owned by an ogre, Garulsz, and picks a fight with a minotaur.  Next scene, Bora makes his appearance, and he arrives with a message.  He was sent by command to grab Kos and drag him down there.  Kos tells us that there are only three reasons for this: hiring, firing, or retiring.  Then of course he tells us that there is a fourth option that didn't rhyme so created that misleading saying.

(The fourth option can't possibly be a promotion.  That's just ridiculous.)

Borca is one of many recent recruits who had to be hired when the Boros legion ranks were decimated by the recent Rakdos uprising.  On the way, the pair pass by a giant stone titan, named after a legendary wojek Zobor.  It's one of ten titans that ring the city, a symbol of the Boros power.

And the end of the walk, they make it to the Brass Chamber in Centerfort (Why isn't this Sunhome?) where all the Boros leaders sit, along with one lawmage, and a quietman (some silent floating guy with a hood that covers his face).  The lawmage was expected, the quietman was out of place, but they were everywhere now that the "convocation" so close.  Apparently they're everywhere, with their not suspicious faces covered, observing history in the making since the big celebration is nigh.

*suspicious glare*

After a long talk about Kos showing us how observant he is (and a bit long-winded), Kos is promoted, despite his protests.  He grudgingly accepts his fate because even if they promote him to captain, captains aren't prohibited from doing field work where he feels he's best at.

* * * 

On his way back to his room, Kos seeing the ghost of his long dead partner, which is impossible, because ghosts don't linger for fifty plus years.  Kos shakes his head, doesn't believe what he's seen, and enters his room.

* * *

Ok, there we go.  After getting through a lot or paragraphs pretending we didn't know he was going to get promoted, we reach a major change in our hero's life, which should give us the opportunity to learn new things alongside our hero.  One of the reason the hero's journey works so well is that he starts off innocent and ignorant of the world, and we get to learn of it at the same time he does.  So despite Kos being a veteran and 110 years old, we reach a turning point in his life... only to end with it being essentially being the same.  He'll still do his normal job but with a fancy title now.

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