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Monday, February 21, 2011

M:TG.COM - Pick a Side, Any Side

02-21-11 - Mirran vs Phyrexian Mechanics and Flavor - Pick a Side Week - Making Magic - Mark Rosewater

 A look at why Mark Rosewater chooses the Phyrexians over the Mirrans for Pick a Side Week.

I'm all on board with the Phyrexians winning.  My tweet to Maro about the article was in fact:

I love the return of the phyrexians more than the return of Mirrodin. I wonder if the phyrexians resonate well with newer players? - @anominal"

And there is a choice quote towards the end of the article that is a 5-Star bit of information about the wider scope of the Magic Storyline:

The last few years have been about Magic starting to rebuild its rogues' gallery, and for me the Phyrexians play an important role. Let me also stress that if the Phyrexians don't win the war, it doesn't mean it's the last we'll ever see of them. Remember: all you need to start a Phyrexian invasion is a tiny drop of oil. - Mark Rosewater

I love that R&D is conscious about building up a universe of villains that we can come back to from time to time, creating familiarity that the fans can connect to as we just from plane to plane.

The article is missing something, which Maro eventually realized:

I just realized in my article that I skipped over living weapon & battle cry. I guess I made my decision before MBS came out. - @maro254

For what it's worth if my decision was based on living weapon vs. battle cry, Phyrexia would still win handily. - @maro254

To sum it up into one tweet: "Whoops! Forgot BattleCry & LivingWeapon! Oh well. No need to retcon my article. Decision stands."

Should leaving out something important like this, from the usually very thorough Mark Rosewater affect the score?  I certainly would have liked to have seen his opinion on those during this article.

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