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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

M:TG.COM - Phyrexia: The Strong and the Scattered

01-26-11 - Describing the New Phyrexia - PREVIEWS - Mirrodin Besieged Week 2 - Doug Beyer

 The new Phyrexia without Yawgmoth.

I was thinking of rating the article 4 Stars, but the breath of the Letter of the Week and the answers that sprang from it sent the rating to the full 5.  The background and summary of current knowledge on the budding new Phyrexia was great to read.

I absolutely want to know about the 5 colors of Phyrexia.  It's great to see villains of all colors.  Keeping Phyrexians centered on black is too plain for the color wheel.

A great gem that we may never hear about is the Fall of Glissa.  How she was falsely branded a traitor, only to earn the name in time is a great story, one that may not be in the novel.

I would love to find out that Glissa turns on her Praetor only to supplant him, if Karn doesn't end up embracing the role as Father of Machines, and even if he does.  I would not want to see her become the Mother of Machines (if the Phyrexians would allow that) however.  Too much like Starcraft for my taste.

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