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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

M:TG.COM - Germ Warfare: The Flavor of Living Weapon

03-09-11 - Germs and Living Weapon - Living Weapon Week - Savor the Flavor - Doug Beyer

Article explaining what the Germ creature type is that the Living Weapons attach too, and discussing what the living weapons are flavorwise.

Letters of the Week (Doug's reponse in the link above):

Dear Doug Beyer,
Regarding your article "Phyrexia: The Strong and the Scattered":
I've noticed that Phyrexia has only have two or three cards in the red mana category. Also, it seems that the Oxidda Mountains are holding up better than any other region of Mirrodin. Why is that? It seems that fire might be their weakness? Please explain. Thank you.
--Jon from Augusta

Dear Doug Beyer,
Regarding your article "Public Displays of Aggression":

An interesting thing has just intruded on my awareness: Mirrodin has Melira's Keepers, but no Melira.

When we met Keeper of Kookus in Visions, we also found Kookus. When we journeyed to Alara and discovered Keeper of Progenitus, we were overawed by Progenitus. Every other Keeper or -keeper in Magic keeps some *thing*, but this one appears to keep some *one*, who is yet unrevealed. Who IS she, and why does she need keepers?

Learning the definition of a germ was pretty enlightening. As well as the newt that MaRo referenced on Monday's article.

And I gotta say I lol'd when I read this bit:

Perhaps the most creepy scenario might be multiple living weapons equipped onto the same germ (which you may have pulled off while playing games with Mirrodin Besieged)—an unholy conglomeration of claws, bone-limbs, mortar-cannons, and skin-stretched wings all wielded-slash-driven by a single, juvenile Phyrexian embryo.

That's a pretty crazy image indeed.

As for the Letters of the Week, that brings up an interesting discussion on Flavor. Doug Beyer gave the same answer that I expect MaRo to give (and the one I believe he did give). That's not too odd considering that MaRo is one of the flavor gurus when it comes to magic. But then there's general flavor which is defined by the color wheel, then there's specific flavor that's more in the realm of Creative (as I understand it).

I think the letter writer was looking for the specific flavor to why red seems to be the least infected by the phyrexians. Ideals alone can't stop them.

It looks like he only reads the Savor the Flavor articles, or at the very least missed the Feature Article during Previews Week 1.  (Which I gave 5 Stars by the way.)

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