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Monday, March 7, 2011

mtgfiction.com - beta

This site started with a simple idea. Read and review all the Magic: The Gathering novels. But because I'm me, it became more complicated than that. Can't just do one review.  Have to do a non-spoiler and an in-depth review. And what if I want to go more in-depth in minute changes and other issues than normal people want in a review? Gotta have a separate book/cycle analysis to not frustrate people. And I can't just jump straight into a review, these books are based off the game!! There has to be a primer post discussing all the knowledge I had going into the book thanks to the cards themselves, and the wealth of information at magicthegathering.com.

But if I was going to reference magicthegathering.com I wanted to be thorough. But look at that.  Navigating M:TG.COM's archives really isn't all that user friendly. Looks like I'll have to build up my own database.  Not *all* the articles of course. That would just be crazy =P.  Just the ones dealing with Flavor... Well, and Design... because the color wheel is part of design which leads to flavor. Oh, and Development. Cause Design and Development go hand in hand. And Feature Articles! Can't forget those. Feature Articles have aspects of all three. *facepalm* And I'll have to sort through Magic Arcana if there's anything I like in there as well, and maybe important news. And who knows, something else might catch my eye.

So I'm still in the Beta form of my site. You can read updates in the updates page.

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