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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

M:TG.COM Articles - Public Displays of Aggression

02-09-11 - Battle Cries of the Mirran Cultures - Battle Cry Week - Savor the Flavor - Doug Beyer

What the battle cries are among the various cultures and races of Mirrodin, and how they give that +1/+1 flavor wise.

Article of the Week (Doug's answer in the link above.)

Mr. Doug Beyer,

I've been thinking lately about the various creature types of Magic. Each creature type generally belongs to a single color in the pie, only occasionally spilling into others. For example, merfolk almost always belong to blue, goblins almost always fit into red.

Humans, however, have no such classification and as I've perceived, are pretty evenly spread all over the color pie. Since it's so much in the public eye, let's use Mirrodin as an example. There is a distinct race of humans in each color on Mirrodin, (Sylvok, Auriok, etc.) whereas vedalken only stick to blue and elves reside only in green.

Is this intentional? Are you guys making a statement about human nature? Is it a criticism of the human race and how we fail to unite, or is it an appraisal of us humans, because we can celebrate diversity?

Just wondering!

Great article.  Written documentary style and has a few LOLs.  With the book not out until April 26th, this is a good place to really feel the struggle for Mirrodin without actually knowing what's going on.

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