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Saturday, January 1, 2000

Books - Publishing Order

Nov -Arena -William R. Forstchen

Jan -Whispering Woods Greensleeves I -Clayton Emery
Mar -Shattered Chains Greensleeves II -Clayton Emery
May -Final Sacrifice Greensleeves III -Clayton Emery
Aug -The Cursed Land -Teri McLaren
Nov -The Prodigal Sorcerer -Marc Sumner

Mar -Ashes of the Sun -Hanovi Braddock
May -Tapestries (Anthology) -Kathy Ice (Editor)
May -Distant Planes (Anthology) -Kathy Ice (Editor)
June -Song of Time -Teri McLaren
Dec -Dark Legacy -Robert E. Vardeman


May -The Brothers' War Artifacts I -Jeff Grub
July -Rath and Storm Tempest -Peter Archer
Sept -Planeswalker Artifacts II -Lynn Abbey

Feb -The Colors of Magic (Anthology) ??? -Jess Lebow (Editor)
April -Timestreams Artifacts III-J. Robert King
June -The Gathering Dark Ice Age I-Jeff Grubb
Aug -Bloodlines Artifacts IV-Loren L. Coleman
Sept -Mercadian Masques Masquerade I-Francis Lebaron
Dec -The Thran Artifacts Zero-J. Robert King

Feb -Nemesis Masquerade II-Paul B. Thompson
May -The Eternal Ice Ice Age II-Jeff Grubb
June -The Myths of Magic (Anthology) ???-Jess Lebow (Editor)
June -Prophecy Masquerade III-Vance Moore
Oct -Invasion Invasion I-J. Robert King
Dec -The Shattered Alliance Ice Age III-Jeff Grub

Feb -Planeshift Invasion II-J. Robert King
April -Johan Legends I.I-Clayton Emery
June -Apocalypse Invasion III-J. Robert King
Aug -Dragons of Magic ???-J. Robert King (Editor)
Sept -Odyssey Odyssey I-Vance Moore
Dec -Jedit Legends II-Clayton Emery

Jan -Chainer's Torment Odyssey II-Scott McGough
Mar -The Secrets of Magic (Anthology) ???-Jess Lebow (Editor)
May -Judgment Odyssey III-Will McDermott
Aug -Hazezon Legends III-Clayton Emery
Sept -Onslaught Onslaught I-J. Robert King
Dec -Assassin's Blade Legends II.I-Scott McGough

Jan -Legions Onslaught II-J. Robert King
Mar -Emperor's Fist Legends II.II-Scott McGough
May -Scourge Onslaught III-J. Robert King
Aug -The Monsters of Magic (Anthology) ???-J. Robert King (Editor)
Sept -The Moons of Mirrodin Mirrodin I-Will McDermott
Nov -Champion's Trial Legends II.III-Scott McGough

Jan -The Darksteel Eye Mirrodin II-Jess Lebow
May -The Fifth Dawn Mirrodin III-Cory Herndon
Sept -Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa Kamigawa I-Scott McGough

Jan -Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa Kamigawa II-Scott McGough
May -Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa Kamigawa III-Scott McGough
Sept -Ravnica: City of Guilds Ravnica I-Cory J. Herndon

Jan -Guildpact Ravnica II-Cory J. Herndon
May -Dissension Ravnica III-Cory J. Herndon
Oct -Time Spiral Time Spiral I-Scott McGough

Jan -Planar Chaos Time Spiral II-Scott McGough & Timothy Sanders
April -Future Sight Time Spiral III-Scott McGough & John Delaney
Sept -Lorwyn Lorwyn I-Cory J. Herndon & Scott McGough

Jan -Morningtide Lorwyn II-Corey J. Herndon & Scott McGough
April -Shadowmoor Anthology Lorwyn III-Peter Archer & Susan J. Morris
June -Eventide Lorwyn IV-Cory J. Herndon & Scott McGough

May -Alara Unbroken Alara-Dough Beyer
Nov -Agents of Artifice (Planeswalker) ???-Ari Marmell

April -Zendikar: In the Teeth of Akoum Zendikar-Robert B. Wintermute
May -The Purifying Fire (Planeswalker) ???-Laura Resnick
Oct -Test of Metal (Planeswalker) ???-Matthew Stover

April -Scars of Mirrodin: The Quest for Karn Scars of Mirrodin-Robert B. Wintermute

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