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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Update:  I've finished reading Guildpact, and am one chapter deep into Dissension.  But still not working on reviews yet.  The core design philosophies are so important to Magic, that many of its aspects dictate what should and shouldn't be allowed.

I want to be able to reference all kinds of magicthegathering.com (I'm referring to it as mtg.com from here, even though that's some blank page) articles, especially Mark Rosewater's Making Magic, and Savor the Flavor and Taste the Magic.  The articles during preview weeks, and key theme weeks are the most obvious ones, and I'm sure there are plenty of other gems out there.

Unfortunately, searching through mtg.com's article archive is impossible.  Thankfully MaRo does a summary article every hundred articles, so I'm going to use those to start building up a database of the theme weeks, and categorizing non-theme week articles.

Mark Rosewater
One Hundred and Counting
Two Hundred and Counting
Three Hundred and Counting
Four Hundred and Counting

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