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Monday, January 17, 2011

M:TG.COM - War!

01-17-11 - Phyrexians Discovered & Thrun, the Last Troll - PREVIEWS - Mirrodin Besieged Week 1 - Feature Article - Doug Beyer

How the Mirrans were alerted to the Phyrexian threat, and a tease to Glissa's fate, and introducing: Thrun, the Last Troll

Article review after the break:

We start with the camera zoomed out, and learn that full blown war has come to Mirrodin, but when we zoom in on Thrun, that's when this article gets going.  Thrun is awesome.  The tale of the reaction to Glissa is sad, and the role he plays and the truth he knows instantly makes him likable.  Not to mention he has the Yoda thing going for him.  But instead of small cute puppet, they go for awesome and intimidating.

And wow is that final paragraph dense.
Witnessing all of this is Thrun, the last troll. He knows the fate of Glissa. He carries in his mind the Tree of Tales. He has seen Phyrexia emerge from Mirrodin's core, and he knows the danger is profound. He's discovered a protégé, a strange Sylvok girl whose body is an aberration on Mirrodin—she is pure, completely untouched by metal. He's training her for war, honing her skills in combat and healing, such that her odd gifts may prove to tip the scales for the Mirrans in the conflict to come. In the meantime, he may have to plod out from under the boughs of the Tangle trees and crash through some Phyrexians himself.
This is going to be a fantasy story.  I sincerely hope Thrun play a major role in the book.  Very likely as his protégé is likely the protagonist.

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