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Monday, January 17, 2011

M:TG.COM - Under Besiege, Part 1

01-17-11 - The Role of Mirrodin Besieged in the Block - MIRRODIN BESIEGED Week 1 - Making Magic - Mark Rosewater

Your standard design team introductions, and introduction to the set.

What did I like about this article? I have to admit the design team introductions was pretty interesting. Occasionally I pass those up because how often can MaRo really say something new and interesting about many of the same people over and over again?

Well this time I liked the small anecdote about how Matt Gottlieb can separate his design and developer self, and the larger anecdote of the build up to his first time as Lead. The stuff about Gregory Marques might have been a little forced, but it was MaRo's last chance, so I forgive him. There's the news that Mike Turian has moved on to Organized Play (which might be old to you guys, but was new to me).

And then the doozy: MaRo considers Ken his protegé. Big words MaRo. Big words. It will be interesting how those words change how I view Ken. (Although it's been hard to not watch him after following the Great Designer Search 1, and with Ken's intimidating profile pic.)

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