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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

M:TG.COM - Season Seventeen

01-12-11 - Card Names - Perspective Problems and Solutions - Savor the Flavor - Doug Beyer

Everything you wanted to know about card names in magic.

Article review after the break:

A very thorough article regarding card names.  Written very much like an indepth design article by MaRo.  (I mean that as a compliment.)  Card names are one of the few areas that MaRo doesn't work much with since they tend to use generic card names during design, yet techniques to naming cards certainly falls under a general "design" category.  So here we get some perspective on the insane amount of card names there are in Magic, the problem of words being finite, a solution that doesn't work and why, how they work around the issue, and assurance that there are plenty more Magic cards to come.

Pretty thorough indeed.  Fans of design and flavor should definitely read this.

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